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The art of breathing - for health, regeneration and better well-being!

In such a chamber the atmospheric pressure is raised to 1500 hPa( under normal conditions about 1013hPa). Increased pressure, leads to a change in the concentration of gases in the air and more strongly "inject" them into the body.

­čôŹ Under high pressure the concentration of oxygen is about 40% (in the atmosphere about 21%), while the concentration of carbon dioxide is 4% (in the atmosphere about 0.03%). This air composition allows for a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the cells and as a result a better oxygenation of the body.

­čôŹ This has a beneficial effect on improving the health and regeneration of the body.

­čĹë In addition, under these conditions we learned more about proper breathing, its types and effects on well-being.

­čĹë Properly chosen breathing exercises can relax or increase concentration, depending on the needs of the body at a given moment. Proper breathing can also eliminate snoring or sleep apnea.

The training was conducted by Maciej Szyszka.

If you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to watch the video below.

­čĺí In the conversation between Maciej Szyszka and Daria Lukowska, topics are discussed:

Ô×í´ŞĆ Are we breathing properly?

Ô×í´ŞĆ What impact does proper breathing have on health?

Ô×í´ŞĆ How do you breathe correctly?

Ô×í´ŞĆ The role of proper breathing for athletes.

Ô×í´ŞĆ The pillars of health and the balance between them

Ô×í´ŞĆ What you can do to breathe better from now on


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