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The best exercises for glutes to perform at home

An important element in avoiding injury and preventing back pain is a fit, strong and symmetrically built body. In the previous article (link) you can read more about the function of the buttocks, but the most important thing to remember is that the gluteal muscles play an important role in stabilizing the body. These muscles, by relieving the spine, help prevent back, hip or knee injuries.

Sedentary work is not conducive to working on gluteal function. If we add to that travelling to work by car or resting on the sofa in front of the TV set, it is almost impossible to have strong muscles. To the rescue come exercises that performed regularly can help in prevention or already existing injuries or pain.

Below you will find a set of 5 exercises that will help strengthen the buttocks in a comprehensive way.

Perform each exercise 12-15 times. Moving smoothly to the next exercises, rest a minute after completing the last one. After a short break, start from the beginning and perform 2-3 series.

1.Lying back hip lift.

2.Leg raise with bent leg lying on the side

3.Birdog (arm and leg diagonal raises in supported kneeling)


5.Standing leg raise.


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